I am a Software Delivery Chef.

Ahoj, my name is Bogo. I apply Lean-Agile knowledge and tools to optimize the flow of value across complex systems through system thinking. I care about Privacy, Ethical design, Freedom, and Cybersecurity.

Why Privacy, Ethical Design and Security?

We have had enough of surveillance capitalism as a society, and we need to focus on building privacy-focused products built with ethics in mind and secure enough to protect us from breaches.

Why Software Delivery?

Looking at my career, you will see that I started working in IT 22 years ago. You also would notice that I was working in almost every role within the software delivery system: From a webmaster, through an analyst role, product manager, and release manager to my current position as director of program management. I’ve seen B.S. and want to help you better deliver software with my knowledge.

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Projects I care about

Apart from my work, I try to find time to support and/or contribute to the following projects: