I encourage everyone to contribute to open source projects in every company I work. If you are a developer, I am sure you know how to do that already, but what about the rest of the people who can contribute with the same impact?

There is one interesting idea I am trying right now:

The Challenge

  • Almost every company has its social impact or giving hub platforms like Benevity. With it, you can donate money and volunteer hours to causes you care about that drive you.
  • The problem in most cases is that there are minimal open source initiatives within their offerings and adding, which I decided to fix by adding my own.
  • Another problem is that most of the volunteering opportunities I see, at least in my area, are very difficult to start doing something for them.

The solution

I decided to add two opportunities to my company catalog, so now anyone can contribute to it and fix the challenges I had:

  1. It’s easy to start with – you need all the information to begin contributing after 5 min
  2. There is someone to help you if you get stuck.
  3. A large percentage of people can find this opportunity interesting.


FEdora volunteering options - screen


WordPress volunteering options

Why contribute?

I wrote a particular article about my motivation for volunteering which you can find here. Also, some of the companies match your volunteering hours with cash incentives, so you can even do more good while doing good.

Identify what change you want to see in the world and find a way to support it with your skills, peers, money, goods, or anything they need. They can’t do it by themselves. Change is a group sport. Involve your colleagues as well!

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