Bogomil Shopov

Human. Artist. Hacker. I care about free and open-source software(F/LOSS), cybersecurity, ethical design, privacy, and technology. 20+ experience in technology. 40+ in being human. I encourage people to become better humans with heavy metal and technologies. I also promote technologies to be considerate of humans. Let's see how it goes!

Community Management / Lean-Agile · March 28, 2023

Working remotely (Fix it session)

About this session

Working remotely brings tons of challenges. Even if this is the usual way of doing business for many companies, people are still trying to navigate the complex universe of doing that efficiently.

This free and no-recording session aims to table some of those challenges you (yes, you) have and draw your path for solving them together with the rest of the attendees in a safe environment.

Join us, and let’s talk about it.


When: April 14th (Friday) from 4 pm (CET)

Duration: 1h
Meeting platform: opensource jitsi (I’ll send the link the day before the event)
Registration form: here (Google Forms)

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash