Why e-book?

So, I wrote a small e-book compiling all the knowledge I have from researching and training more than 200 people on efficient threat modeling.

I decided to push it as an e-book for a few reasons:

  1. To use alternative methods for providing my knowledge to readers who prefer the e-book form of wisdom.
  2. To get some money, which I can’t get from a blog post, to support my favorite Linux distroFedora (in the form of contributing to the Flock conference or supporting some local groups. Ideas are welcome)

How is this threat modeling e-book different from the others on the market?

First, thanks for choosing my little e-book from the vast sea of similar ones. I appreciate it!

I created a learning path and resources, trained more than 200 people using the approach described in this book, and helped them start making securer software. The feedback was impressive, and the results were visible.

The threat modeling book includes some internet resources, but the rest of the passion, examples, ideas, and process are entirely mine. You wouldn’t find this knowledge in any other place.

This small e-book aims to explain the basics, starting from how we are wired as humans, how we act and react to threats, and how you could apply this to the threat modeling process fixing the gaps and ensuring that we don’t leave out code unattended.

Ultimately, you will learn how to get the template you could use with your teams for free.

Happy reading of my threat modeling e-book!

The cover of the Threat Modeling e-book shows the title and the purpose of the book described in the text.

How to get my threat modeling e-book?

It costs around $3, and I prefer it if you get it from here (DRM free) because most of the money will come to me.

Feel free to find also it in your favorite e-book provider by following one of the links:

More support?

If you are on Product Hunt, please support me with one upvote.

Your Threat Modeling E-book - A Convenient Guide to Starting You on Threat Modeling | Product Hunt

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