Bogomil "Bogo" Shopov

I am Program Management Professional. I apply Lean-Agile knowledge and tools to optimize the flow of value across complex systems through system thinking. In many aspects, I care about Privacy, Ethical design, Freedom, and Cybersecurity.

Why Privacy, Ethical Design and Security?

We have had enough of surveillance capitalism as a society, and we need to focus on building privacy-focused products built with ethics in mind and secure enough to protect us from breaches.

Why Program Management?

Agile Program Management manages, plans, and coordinates interrelated work that emphasizes value delivery for teams, stakeholders, and organizations.

I love exploring systems and optimizing how the value flows through them while investing a lot in emotional intelligence. A unique set of skills (brag, brag)

Fediverse/Mastodon. I write about program management, privacy and more

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