Before Covid, I habitually went to offline events within my area of interest. After the lockdown, I changed a lot, and probably not in a good way, but one of the things I want to start doing again is being present within the communities I care about.

After experiencing the FOSDEM awesomeness as a volunteer, helper, and attendee a few months back, I discovered another event to go to, which has a similar spirit: It’s organized by the community.

Define: [DevOpsDays]

DevOpsDays is a global event organized in multiple cities worldwide and covers “software development, IT infrastructure operations, and the intersection between them.” It’s also one of few events where my engineering folks qualify as “amazing.”

I am so happy there will be security topics this year because DevOps is nothing without its Sec part. I hope they will rename it appropriately (as a DevSecOpsDays) for the subsequent editions :)

One of my favorite topics, Threat Modeling, will be covered there. I wonder whether I will see the “as a code” solution that works.

This event is a must if you are working in the software delivery business, and I am not writing this because I am a community sponsor but from experience.

A challenge for you

If you want to get a ticket and you pay for it on your own, I have a discount code, so please reach out and answer the question, why is threat modeling so essential and no one cares about it? If you got it right, I could purchase a ticket for you or give you the discount code.

Hope to see you there!


The event is over. Here you can check what I experienced there.

Image credits: Photo by Bogomil Shopov – Бого on Unsplash

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