I installed an excellent plugin to my WordPress blog to track some basic, non-privacy invasive stats, and today I got the first report. I was surprised that most of my top keywords are still related to Facebook data that I was able to buy from a shady website ten years ago.. 

My facebook keywords, including "facebook data"

Who is buying (Facebook) data?

I am not the person to answer this question because I have no idea, but I’ll share with you two great studies so that you can educate yourself.

The purpose of this research is to outline what data social media collect, how they use it, who they share it with and why it’s important to acknowledge.

Keep reading here.

You can also read more about data brokers.

Data brokers, also known as information brokers, collect personal information, package it into bundles, and sell it to third parties.


Who is still searching google for it?

I am sure the data brokers and advertisers are not searching in google for “how to buy Facebook data”. If you do, I am sorry to tell you, but …wait, actually, keep searching for it. It’s totally useless!

If you landed on my site with this keyword, please share your story with me (anonymity guaranteed if you want) or write a comment.

What is the most important question here?

You may have realized the real question here is whose data it is. Well, if you are browsing the web and land on a website with embedded facebook content or using their website – it’s your data. 

Many companies would like to put their hands on your data for their purposes, but some organizations would use the data to harm you. The hunting season is open, and the target is probably you.

Be careful!

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