WordPress Mozilla community website template.

The new theme is available here.







21 responses to “WordPress Mozilla community website template.”

  1. dafi Avatar

    This is simply awesome, I’m very sad because I can’t use it, my blog is hosted on wordpress.com and the free version doesn’t allow user defined themes :(

    You have done a great work

  2. Bogo Avatar

    @dafi: Why don’t you move your blog to self-hosted platform?

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  4. dafi Avatar

    @bogo limited budget, I must stay with free resources ;)

    1. Bogo Avatar

      Oh I see. So, when is your birthday :)

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  7. Tomer Cohen Avatar

    Instead of forking gandalf’s theme, do you mind converting it to subtheme? This will allow us to continue use the MCS core while getting your design.

    1. Bogo Avatar

      Sure. I will make it soon. Thanks

  8. ArpitNext Avatar

    @dafi: there are many free hosts. :)

  9. Clinton Gadley Avatar

    No comments, let see this video, it talks by itself create a free flash website

  10. ALFRED Avatar

    Wow, Awesome post – I’m such a newbie when it comes to all this, Thanks for this!

  11. Dennis Mason Avatar

    there are more people on a beginner level than there are advanced users. Basic information is appreciated by people who are just starting out.

  12. Johnny Boy Avatar

    Really nice template here! Keep them coming!

  13. Charlie Avatar

    Why did you name it – Gandalf’s theme?
    Are you the fan of “Lord of the rings”?

  14. fingerskate Avatar

    I really like this blog, i’ll have to come back !

  15. Altin Avatar

    Hello there, Im sorry but none of those links above are working !
    Server not found.

  16. damufo Avatar

    Link to download is broken.
    Please, can you repair?

  17. Robert Avatar

    Like guys before me said the link isn’t working anymore. Do you think you might put a new one in or not?

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