I just send my CV and a cover letter for an open position to Mozilla. I know I don’t have any chance, but there is still hope (yes, that’s me. ) :)

Yes, I am a community manager for … 9 years. On-line and Off-line.

During all conferences I  organize, I have been working with different kind of people off-line. I am working every day with wikis, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Linkedin, Ning, Sprouter, and so on.  I am an open source guy, that mean I am contributing to different project and ideas and this is community work too …

I have a lot of ideas and I hope Mozilla can feel it :)

4 thoughts on “I just send my application to Mozilla

  1. Ah, right, that’s what really sucks about Mozilla – for an open project like this, their hiring process is extremely bureaucratic and often nonsensical.

    Still, good luck! :)

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