I will be leading a JetPack session during OpenCamp in Sofia. This will be regular session with slides, code examples and some quick hacks, but I think this approach is some kind of wrong.

I am thinking about something like a Bootcamp or HackCamp where we gather together Java script programmers, Jquery meetupers, CSS and HTML writers, some hackers and some ordinary people and we can start talking and hacking using JetPack – that will be really cool and useful approach – bring your computer NOR your head and let’s start the engine.

Interested? Join “the evil” Facebook group now and let’s polish the idea together.

Talking about JetPack offline I will be writing a big & fat article in our PC Magazine local edition to start finding a people that can be interested in such hack activities.

4 thoughts on “JetPack offline and a JetHack idea.

  1. I was thinking to create a presentation at my university, but maybe a more open approach will be better. Usually students at my class are watching the screen and thinking about something else, but if you give them the opportunity to create something during this session, that can be awesome.

    I don’t like Facebook – can you/we think about another option – mailing list or meetup account?

    Atb. mike

    1. @Mike: Yeah I’d love to move out from FB, any other opinions?

      It’s a good idea to make the do something, but you has to be sure, they have computers in front of them and to talk slowly with a lot of examples.

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