10 reasons to fell in love with Mozilla JetPack

What is Jetpack?

Jetpack is a project to make it easy to build Firefox 4 add-ons using common web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The main goal is to enable anyone who can build a web site to participate in making the Web a better place to work, communicate, and play.

Sooo. let’s count to 9 from 0 of course. We’re hackers!

0 – Use your web knowledge


You can use your JQuery/HTML/CSS skills to write a add-on for Firefox. Yes, you can write an Add-on with easy and pack it with easy via JetPack SDK.

1 – It’s easy to start

You don’t need to be a XUL mastodon to write some cool extensions.
P.S I like XUL Also.

2 – Easy to learn


It’s so easy. I bet I can teach my son to write an addon when he turns 6.

3 – Sharing is caring


You can share your code with others via some kind of standard libraries. Write the code and let’s other re-use it within their applications.

4 – Hack it!

Be a hacker

You don’t like something or want to see something else implemented – Do it via JEP

5 – Updates

Update me

A good mechanism for updating addons written on JetPack. You need to update your module and AMO website will do the rest – packaging and updating the client extension

6 – Read/Write web

Write web

Awesome web-based editor for writing Addons and libraries. Of course you can use your favorite JS editor, like Aptana

7 – Good application architecture


Very flexible and out of Firefox dependency architecture.They should work more on sharing resources between app, but it’s really fast.

8 – Mobile JetPack

Go mobile

Soon you can use your web skills to write addons for Mobile Firefox. Since Nokia is no longer supporting their Web Widgets technologies, JetPack will be a good way to write for mobile phones.

9 – You’re the man/girl

JetPack is technology for you and others like you that creates something cool everyday and supports web by using web standards and technologies

Those are my number 10, can you add something? I know JetPack has a lot of problems, but let’s focus on good parts of JetPack – Are you a jetpacker? Share at least one think you like!


P.S A man from #jetpack channel Just remind me about that – if you need a debug mechanism – use JetBug.



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3 responses to “10 reasons to fell in love with Mozilla JetPack”

  1. John Base Avatar
    John Base

    Actually I like the idea to write simple addons using web technologies. I think the best for Mozilla is to support both JetPack and XUL.

    P.S I like your number 8 :)

    1. Bogo Avatar

      Thanks for the answer John. Yes, there is still no replacement for XUL overlays for example (and many other things), but I think JetPack is a future technology and be ready for surprises soon.

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