So you organize a conference, which is a great deal. I know because I did over 30 of them in the last 20 years. 

After COVID, I recently decided to be more active and wanted to talk again at some of the events you organize, and I have an appeal to you.

See, I do not represent a company, and in most cases, I cover all of my expenses to deliver quality content and value to you and your attendees and even your sponsors in some way.

I also spend a lot of time crafting the content and adapting it to the audience I believe you have. I encourage the local community to join your event using my well-read blog and content network.

Of course, I submitted my CFP via various platforms – pretalx, Sessionize, papercall, and even forms on your website.

My appeal to you is – please notify me if my talk is not selected. It’s unpleasant to see that one is not selected by noticing the final schedule on your website. The status in the CFP app is still “Evaluating…” (or something similar)

If selected, please send the notification as early as possible. Sometimes booking flights and hotels are much cheaper in advance. Some people expensing the talks with their employer can make the last minute booking, but it’s a heavy load for people who spent their own money.

Thank you, and keep up the excellent work. Inject some respect into the process, and everything will be good.

Photo by Alexandre Debiève on Unsplash

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