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Growth Hacking · May 20, 2015

The Localancers growth story: A great product for freelancers on Product Hunt

I met Margarit  a year ago at one of the events I am organizing – Bulgaria Web summit.  He was invited as the official photographer. It turned out that he was good at that, but he is also a startup guy and an entrepreneur as well.

A few days ago he asked me if I could push his latest product – Localancers to Product Hunt and of course I said yes, but this time I chose a different strategy – not the same as JSBlocks, because Localancers is a paid product.

The idea

So we came up with the idea to have a special  non-official “promotion” just for product hunters with a popup like this one:


There are a few elements that actually helped for the great success of the campaign:

  • Personalized greeting – we know you are coming from product hunt, you rock
  • Get one year for free offer and
  • The option whether to subscribe immediately or to visit the website to learn more – we gave them the choice to decide what to do, without pushing them to register directly


Follow up

I came up with the idea to nurture those guys a bit. It’s not a big secret that the most of the PH users are signing up for the sport, so we needed to provoke interest and to make them stay and then later to convert them :)

We have send them an e-mail with useful resources for freelancers and an idea how they can help their friends.

Some numbers

Votes: 245

Comments: 21 – some of them with nice feedback

Visits: ~1500

Profiles created: 150 (That’s 10% conversion rate) This could have been more, but it seems we had a small technical issue and sometimes the promo-code wasn’t recognized by the system.

OpenRate: 63% open rate of the follow up e-mail and 16% CTR

Stay tuned for more :)

A surprise

Click here to register for free, using the secret product hunt promotion. It’s still on, but just for a few more days.