How to simplify the WordPress development processes which involve clients

I had a period in my life when I was working for different employers like a freelancer developing wordpress plugins, themes enhancements and some integrations.

Back then I didn’t realize how much time I was spending in communication with the clients or the middle man (project manager), because, let’s be honest – time is money, right. I didn’t mind to spend 3-4 hours talking to a client about how to make the red button, even more red or why the image is not aligned with the little horse. They would pay me anyway. You know what I mean.

After I started expanding my business portfolio I realized that “spending time” from the previous paragraph is actually losing time. Instead of working for many clients and getting more opportunities (more money) I was working just for a few.

This was one of the reasons for which I decided to move to another segment of my professional life. True story!


How to solve this.

Years later I found that actually there is a way, especially for the WordPress world, to shorten the feedback cycle. I started using visual feedback tools and asking clients to highlight the issues.

This way I can understand everything much faster and get automatically the data I need: for example, browser version, screen size and more important parameters without asking them via email and receive the reply three hours later (especially if we are in different timezones).

Or not get it at all.

I am writing this, not because I am involved in the project I will reveal, but because it can help guys like past-self to be more efficient and earn more money.

Here it is.

The solution I am talking about is called Usersnap (there is a plugin hosted at and using it on your wordpress development stage server can double your efficiency.

The magic happens through annotated screenshots of the current browser content and simple delivery directly to the the place where they belong: the bug tracker or the project management tool or even e-mail.

You can now escape the endless discussions with the client or the PM on how red the second button to be or … [put your favourite ping-pong conversation]

I wish that this tool existed a couple of years ago and someone had told me about it. I could still be a wordpress hacker, instead of wasting my time helping startups to grow :) Smile and hack with pleasure.


Step by step

1. Go to “Plugins” -> “Add New” and search for “usersnap”.

Usersnap plugin

2. Click on “Install now” under the name and click “ok” when asked “Are you sure you want to install this plugin?”


3. When the installation is ready, click on “Activate Plugin” link:

activate usersnap

4. Done. Now let’s configure it. Don’t worry we are almost ready. Find the “usersnap” menu in the sidebar:

usersnap is in the siebar menu

5. Click on it and follow the instructions:

configure usersnap

  • If { you have already an Usersnap account, click on “Configure”}
  • else { Fill-in the form under “Setup Usersnap” to create an account for free.}

6. Under “Configure” you will find some more options.

Usersnap settings


7.Click on save and visit your site to see the magic.

it works

8. In your inbox you will find information about your account and how, using Usersnap website you can configure your widget even more by changing the language, the position, adding more colors and sending the screenshots with user comments and ideas directly to your bug tracking system.
9. Have fun!



Of course there are many tools now to do the “magic”. But I can guarantee you that this one has a far better design and future roadmap because of its awesome team.






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