Geckoboard is a must tool for marketing campaign visualization and analysys.


You can mix:

  • Your internal statistical information from your own database
  • Services like for real time click and location analysis
  • Facebook and Twitter Statistics and messages
  • SalesForce data
  •  Get Satisfaction to monitor your customer’s happines about your ptoduct
  • Mailchimp – to retrieve statistics about your campaigns
  • Google Analytics (to do almost everything)
  • More …


Here are some of my widgets I am using every day.


 Monitoring our Facebook app usage day by day:

I can see the impact of our campaign and how it reflects on the FB usage. Priceless:


 Click monitoring via

Live click monitoring. You can set your own targets and monitor it:


 Google Analytics Integration:

You can do almost everything. Visits, Goals, Conversions, Page views, etc.


 Other Social stuff:

Monitor and Analyze Facebook Fans and Twitter Fans count.


 …and even survey results:

Use for free the power of highcharts for your own data

There is free 30 day trial you can start now.

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