1. Europe is different than the rest of the world. Here we have a huge diversity of nations and different ways of thinking mainly due to the political processes during the last 80 years, the different cultures and the fact that we are now trying to build a different kind of society through the European Union.

2. Drumbeat’s idea is leadership. We must understand that we are taking up this immense management and workload resource, because Mozilla’s Mission encompasses the free culture (CC), open source, open standards, open content, new technologies, sharing, future web development and many other things, which makes us not the next bunch of people with ideas how to develop web, but makes us the people who WILL develop the web from now on. On the other hand, Internet access and training must be promoted to all the Internet users.

3. First of all we have to have Web in order to have an open web. We must focus our efforts also in the struggle for neutrality of the World Wide Web, against data retention, against the violation of our private lives through DPI and other spying technologies and so on.

4. Another important task is to create the notion in everybody that WE are the community dealing with this. We must also create ourselves a new image, because 90% of the people believe that Mozilla is Firefox only, another 9% add Thunderbird in the equation, and only 1% actually know Mozilla’s Mission and that it is the most valuable thing in our project. That is why we must not fail and we should weigh our capacities accurately.

5. Drumbeat is not only about promoting Mozilla’s mission, but to create a new way for WEB development – the Open Web.

The project proposal – Privacy Beat

Why do our digital rights fall among our civil rights

Short Description

The project shall form a working group to create a common platform for sharing of information concerning our digital rights and personal space in the Internet.

The point is the users to be informed of their digital rights, of what is happening with them in different countries, how the users can protect them from violation and to have answers to different questions.

On the other hand, the website must create a community around itself, which community should share information, help developing the idea and participate together with different NGOs in the process of law-making and other legislative changes in different countries, so the Internet could stay in a way that could help the Open Web.

How will your idea make the web better?

he Internet is an open system, unfortunately many people are trying to turn it into a closed one these days and they are succeeding step by step.

That is why this project will be something like a global monitoring system for what is going on in the Internet, it will create projects and it will inform the users in order to bring back the Internet’s neutrality, where it had been lost, to protect the citizens form the different surveillance mechanisms through the Internet, where there are any, and to protect the freedom of speech.

This will be a small step to a better Internet from this point of view, as a basic component of the Open Web.

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