Au revoir, Mozilla. Good bye Mozilla!

Note the date. This was published on April 1.

From today I will not be an active Mozilla contributor anymore.

I’ve spent last couple of years contributing to Mozilla project by translating and localizing content, organizing events, migrating businesses and individuals to open web tools like Firefox, Thunderbird and Bugzilla, talking to conferences, universities and user groups in Europe about Freedom and open web and free culture, organizing fund-raising campaigns, supporting couple of forums about Mozilla technologies, evangelizing developers to write addons and jetpacks and many many more thing, but I don’t see my impact:


  1. The Firefox is still the slowest browser in the world on my favorite Windows.
  2. The only e-mails i’ve got from Mozilla are about – “donaaaate more moneyyyy, Bogo”
  3. Most of the people within Mozilla doesn’t care about community at all.
  4. Month after month the things community suppose to do are more that previous month. I have to quit my job in order to drive with the same speed as others.
  5. Most of the people in the World still think Google Chrome is a good browser and Google respect their privacy.
  6. They still don’t want to hire me :(

This is enought!

Au revoir Mozilla.

The new feature

The good part of this is thanks to my Mozilla experience I was hired by Microsoft OpenWeb team as a consultant and  I will try to convince Firefox users to download the new Internet Explorer with “The FX migrator” tools – to transfer ALL of your Mozilla data to Microsoft platform, including your Thunderbird and Bugzilla data and to use the new Microsoft Open Web Cloud provider for storing your data.

Au revoir Mozilla and Thanks for making me leave :(









20 responses to “Au revoir, Mozilla. Good bye Mozilla!”

  1. The Believer Avatar
    The Believer


    1. Bogo Avatar

      Thank you!

  2. Steliyan Avatar

    So, and how I can install “the best” browser within Linux? :)
    Oh, yes – I don’t want to install pirated Windows (any version here), period.

    1. Philip Chee Avatar

      Last I heard, it works fine in WINE.

  3. Leo McArdle Avatar
    Leo McArdle

    Bogo, I sincerely hope this is an April fool’s joke; the community still <3 you! :D

  4. Jorge Avatar

    * looks at date and scratches head *

  5. sonny Avatar

    Good one ;-)

  6. Boris Loukanov Avatar

    1-st of April:-)?

  7. Daniel Glazman Avatar
    Daniel Glazman

    What’s the date again ? ;-)

  8. Tomer Cohen Avatar

    You’ve forgot to mention that you were taking back every piece of code you’ve contributed to Mozilla because you’ve forced to relicense everything under Microsoft’s Open Libre Public License which is incompatible with the MPL.

    1. Bogo Avatar

      true :)

  9. Arpit Avatar

    It is a joke, right??

    1. Bogo Avatar

      yeah :)

  10. jou Avatar

    april fool yes but the issue is that some of the arguments are true.

    – mozilla employes do behave more like a real corp lately, incl. the mofo people (decision wise)
    – people do think google respect their privacy
    – contributors can’t have the same level of access than employees unless they’re well known people

    1. Milos Avatar

      Well, of course not all people will have the same(ie. rw) access to all the places. Access to stuff depends on the level of contributions and trust that one have in the community. Ever since I was employed(year and a half ago), I got access to only one repositorythat I didn’t have access to before I was hired. So, it’s not true that one can’t contribute if they want to.

  11. Otto de Voogd Avatar

    Best April 1st post/article I’ve read so far!
    Had me worried for a moment.

    1. Bogo Avatar

      Thanks :))))

  12. Robert Kaiser Avatar

    Unfortunately some people might take your actual arguments as true, I heard people not too far from believing those anyhow, even if we both know they are turning the truth into the opposite. People from outside the project might not.
    IMHO, good April Fools pranks are more creative than just turning reality into the negative. The greatest ones I saw this year were Google Maps and xkcd.

  13. Brian King Avatar

    Har har!

  14. […] note: This is a serious post, couple of months ago I wrote an article as a joke saying that I am leaving Mozilla project by some reasons, umh, it was April 1st. After […]

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