I am sure you know this modern company structure scheme:

modern company structure

пидорась == faggot
IT отдел == IT crowd/department/section

The past
I remember when I was younger and I was writing some bytes for living. I still know that there are just 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

I was wondering all my life why the heck we need a marketing and community management droids at our team. We create a kick-ass products that we can sell them via our web-page using 33 lines of HTML code an an Paypal account.

I am on the dark side of the force now and I know why.

The truth in 5 points*

If there is no marketing droids:

  1. Less people know about us – our clients are our friends and peers and visitors from Google are welcomed too.
  2. 1 = Less money – well, I don’t have to explain this, do I?
  3. 2 = No salary++
  4. 3 = No beer money NOR I just got an invitation to work for another company that has a great marketing department.
  5. R.I.P  GPWGFTCCW (Great Product with great functionalities that can change the world.)

If there is no community management guys:

  1. No community around us = We have to test our product by ourselves in any possible OS, CPU, RAM, ….
  2. No community around us = How to know what to improve and what the clients really need from our products?
  3. No community around us = How to get ideas for new products?
  4. No community around us = How to find someone that will tell you honestly “You’re wrong”
  5. No community around us = How to find someone who will help you with documentation, bug hunting, beer drinking, and to cheer you up – “You’re good. I love your product.”


* I am so sorry, but someone should change the ordered list to start from 0/zero/. Starting from 1 is so lame.

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