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Open Technologies · January 17, 2012

Testing Zemanta addon for Firefox, while using it :)

I just discovered a great plugin, called Zemanta. The miracle it does is helping you a lot with your content creation while creating a blog post.

What to do?
0. Install the Zemanta plugin from Firefox repo.
1. Open your wordpress blog and start writing something. Let’s say about SOPA and how dangerous it is for the freedom in general.
2. You will see some cool link suggestions to include into your post, what I did.


3 Also you will notice the new Zemanta block next to your writing area containing images and news similar to the topic you are writing for.



4. You can add your own Blog to Zemanta via ‘My sources’ menu and to use it as an source and you can link it with easy. You can add other sources as well.

– You must using your ‘Visual’ (a.k.a WYSIWYG) mode to compose message. Otherwise Zemanta will not work at all. This is a problem for me, but I may switch back.

– It’s not working well if you have couple of topics, like the current one. I am talking about Zemanta and SOPA. The content for SOPA is missing
– it actually sends parts of my content somewhere via Internet to be analysed and this may be a security issue for business bloggers.