I will be talking about that at FOSDEM in Mozilla’s room. (*)

We’re living in hard times right now. Most of the F(L)OSS projects suffers from lack of volunteers especially if they must donate a large amount of time to this project. My talk will show how you can plan better your community how to measure it, how to use tips and tricks from the commercial world and how to use some agile methods and tools to make you community kick-ass squad.

  1. How to plan your community for next couple of months; (ex. We need 3 more people to join our translation effort) and Create the Flow – how a bug report goes from bugzilla to the  the end of it’s life. (a.k.a kill the bug)
  2. Define how to do it (ex. Troll the forums, create twitter campaign, contact universities, or something else?)
  3. How to Measure it (How many retweets do you have, how many clicks, etc) and Why?
  4. How to find patterns into your community and how to use them. For example – Most of the answers I receive to my mailing comes during business hours OR Friday is not a good day to send emails
  5. What is Agile and how to use it to make my community life easier? ( Trello show-case )

(*) room U.218A (next to Chavanne)

Feel free  stop by, eat some belgian chocolate (provided by me) and listen to my thoughts and share yours.

P.S If you still don’t have place to stay during the FOSDEM, take a look on my blogpost here.

3 thoughts on “(Mozilla) Communities – Agile approach, tools, patterns and metrics.

    1. Really Interesting, I would love to paaticiprte, I created the first mobile web community in latin america back in 2004, now dissapeared but I still have some insights and experiences that may be of interest.

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