Several months ago I started a mini-discussion (read the comments also) on Addons troubles and communication breakdown.

The situation is more critical after every new update (because they are on every 3-4 months). Right now after my update one of most important tools for my work – Selenium (because I am into QA tasks now) is not working and my Firebug is disabled, because there is no version suitable for this new release.

If you give yourself time to read this discussion, maybe you will like my idea for shared privileges GIT or something else so everyone can EDIT and BUILD on EVERY Addon.

Right now is a holiday season in Europe, no body doesn’t care about editing Addons or changing something. Event is someone has time and knowledge to “fix” an addon it’s mission impossible to do that if you are not the author of that piece of code.

This is an idea how we can partially solve the problem (on the technical side) with Addons and new Firefox versions. Other is just marketing and engagement.

Love to read your comments!

17 thoughts on “… and thanks for the Firefox 6, but, please make this happen. (Addons)

  1. Agree with you. The Chrome add-on API is much more limited and as such doesn’t need to change as frequently or as drastically. How Firefox thinks they’re going to succeed by becoming a crappier version of Chrome is beyond me. Seems it’s time to change a browser. Which one should I use? I would like to choose one from chrome,Avant browser and Opera.

  2. We made sure Firebug was compatible everywhere (AMO and before the Firefox 6 release. If you are seeing it incompatible, please file a bug.

      1. Yeah, but you can’t entirely blame Firefox for some of those. The better plugins tend to ensure compatibility with new Firefox versions *before* those versions are released, so their users get the plugin update first. And that’s good, because anyone doing plugin development should be testing on pre-releases – it’s just good practice.

        Unfortunately, others seem to wait for the Firefox releases before they even start looking at compatibility, so their users have to suffer the breaks. Selenium is a great project, but unfortunately they do seem to lag when it comes to plugin compatibility…

  3. I find it very worrying that Firefox is getting so many negative comments on basically every major website announcing the new release. With major websites I mean sites like Enadget, Ars Technica, the register etc.

    1. Unfortunately Firefox has become the easy target for this.
      You know, like when MS gets some product out, and everyone bashes it “cause its MS”

      Well Google taught people to do this with Firefox.

      Mozilla PR has to fix this, and Mozilla devs have to fix it too.

      Addons should become FLAWLESS for updates, and there should be little intervention or UI warnings which annoy everyone for example. Firefox isn’t allowed to do away with small inconveniences anymore

  4. Users around the globe are extremely frustrated and are already complaining. This and the dropping version naming scheme got fused together. ( Because people need to know which version they have in order to find Add on )

    I am not against dropping Version numbers. The problem is Add on that are programmed for a specific version of Firefox. And since Add on is the soul of Firefox, having majority of Add on not working when a new version comes out just destroy the core value of Firefox.

    We need a way for Addon to be compatible most of time.

      1. Whether firebug updates or not is slightly black magic, as the version you get from the download on updates differently than the one on AMO.

        I suggest you uninstall firebug and get a new one from

        I heard talk about the firebug team being on the hook to make those stories compatible, but I haven’t seen that materialize in my profiles.

        I don’t have an answer for selenium, but it’s compat story is pretty sad, given that we have at least one prominent contributor of that on payroll, and I’d picture selenium being crucial in automating internal verification process in enterprises. Sad faces.

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