Is it (Mozilla) Jetpack still confusing?

If you want to create an unique technology maybe you should to create an unique name or create an unique strategy to connect the term with your technology and leave others alone :)

Currently there are a lot of JetPack terms related to technology:

0. JetPack me – Great, great WordPress plugin
1. Microsoft JetPack
2. A game
3. An AD system
4. Mozilla JetPack

Do you think It’s a bit still confusing for a developer who is looking for some help to find it?



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7 responses to “Is it (Mozilla) Jetpack still confusing?”

  1. Asa Dotzler Avatar
    Asa Dotzler

    It’s not called JetPack. It’s called the Mozilla Add-ons SDK :-)

  2. Matěj Cepl Avatar

    And it is even worse, because Jetpack is now irrelevant, and the project was renamed once again to Add-on SDK (the most boring name, if you ask me).

  3. Bogo Avatar

    @mcepl: agreed :)
    @asa: Thanks

  4. Michael Kaply Avatar


    Then why does this site sound like it differentiates between the two?

    And why are there still blog posts that reference Jetpack without referencing the Add-on SDK? There was one just last week.

    I thought they were two separate things until you just said that…

    It is incredibly confusing.

    1. Bogo Avatar

      @Mike: Yeah, maybe a new site and a new communication strategy can help in the near future ..and a new name :) From time to time I am getting some ugly warnings like this one: that are not usable at all.

  5. Dave Townsend Avatar


    They are separate, the Add-ons SDK is the successor to Jetpack, sadly as such we end up referring to the Add-ons SDK as Jetpack accidentally all the time, bad communication on our part.

    Really though, naming is hard. If you want a name that is not already in use somewhere you’re either going to have to go with something that isn’t a real word or is just so bizarre that no-one else would have thought of it. Firefox is the third name for the browser, finally settled on after the first two had to be dropped due to complaints from other software projects with the same name. Firefox isn’t unique either, the trick is to find a name where at least no-one else in your space is using it.

  6. Bogo Avatar

    @Dave: Yeah, the question is most of the people knew it as JetPack already. Yes it’s a new technology and we need a clear communication strategy in order to get more people on that and to remove confusing parts of the websites.

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