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Mozilla · May 11, 2011

Communication breakdown (AddOn)

As an Addon User for me is very important to have all add-on I am using to be up to date on AMO website.
As a community manager I have the habit to explore some problems into the communication channels (and to try to fix them)

Pencil is one of my favorite addons, because I do some UI mockups for some of my web apps and it’s really annoying instead of AMO website to go to the project site in Google and to download a patch.

Usually I have to read the comments to find the “secret location” of the patch / or new version instead of clicking download or update.

Where is the problem? I have to ask first.

I’ve noticed a call for all developers on AMO that are maintaining dictionary addons to add a line into the their XPI in order to make them compatible with BlueGriffon.

Here is a perfect example of lack of communication between an external community and AMO community. Maybe the author can ask all of them one by one to do that or to think more about more appropriate mechanism for collaboration.