About:volunteers talk @Fosdem

Well my talk went well, maybe I will make a video talk and publish my ideas here later next week, but for now I can show you some pictures and my slides.

The talk
I am giving some chocolates away to show you that “sharing is caring”:

fosdem talk

Here starts a imaginary day of my life:

fosdem talk

fosdem talk
(pictures by Lyubo)

Click here
to view my slides.






3 responses to “About:volunteers talk @Fosdem”

  1. […] Update: Click here to see my slides. […]

  2. Tomer Avatar

    Hey! Why are you linking to your presentation using Flash version of scribd while they have a fully functional HTML version?

    You may want to link to this URL instead.

    1. Bogo Avatar

      Can you help me with correct link?

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