Kolab server 2.3 alpha is available

This year Kolab Systems has a very special Christmas present for you: The release of the Kolab server 2.3 alpha. A little late, but good things take time.

This release introduces new features like synchronization of mobile devices with kolab-z-push or modular packaging of the kolab-webclient, updates of many important components and tons of bug fixes. Detailed information about the changes are listed in

The release notes may be incomplete. They should cover all changes, but I will review them before the 2.3 final release just to be sure.

Upgrading from 2.2.4 should be straightforward, but make sure you follow the upgrade instructions in http://files.kolab.org/server/release/kolab-server-2.2.4/sources/1st.README

Documentation and OpenPKG packages are available from http://files.kolab.org/server/alpha/kolab-server-2.3-alpha/ as shown on http://kolab.org/download.html.

As soon as they have synced, you can also use the the mirrors listed on http://kolab.org/mirrors.html

All files updated since 2.2.4 are available in the directory server/development-2.3/20101224-since-20100629/

You can check the integrity of the downloaded files by importing our file distribution key and verifying the OpenPGP signature and SHA1 checksums:

$ gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv-key 0xC43E1A3E
$ gpg --verify SHA1SUMS.sig
$ sha1sum -c SHA1SUMS

Binary packages for Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (lenny/stable) on x86 platforms can be found in the ix86-debian5.0 directory next to the sources.

Support for Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 (etch/oldstable) was dropped because it is no longer supported by Debian ether.

Remember: This is an alpha release. It is for testing and evaluation only and likely contains bugs. DO NOT use it in productive environments!

Please report any problems you encounter in our bug tracker:






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