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Human. Artist. Hacker. I care about free and open-source software(F/LOSS), cybersecurity, ethical design, privacy, and technology. 20+ experience in technology. 40+ in being human. I encourage people to become better humans with heavy metal and technologies. I also promote technologies to be considerate of humans. Let's see how it goes!

Comics · October 13, 2009

Little Firefox Adventures: Happy Birthday

a Comic story

/click on image for full size/

5 days after publising this image on spreadFirefox website i received an e-mail:

I was checking on the Firefox anniversary group and saw the comic you added.  I know you meant no offense with it, but I'm afraid having a large bosom-ed, evil woman representing IE won't go over well with most women in our community.  It didn't sit so well with me :(

Would you mind taking her out or removing the comic all together?

Please let me know.  

Thanks so much!