Ahoy Pirates,

Wikileaks is all over the news and some Pirate Parties have already planned or
are planning to actively support Wikileaks. As an umbrella organization, PPI
itself will not issue any press releases or take any concrete steps itself
to support Wikileaks. We think that every Pirate Party should decide
themselves if and how they want to support Wikileaks.

However there are currently several initiatives from Pirates and Pirate
Parties that we want to communicate to the PP-leaders list. Perhaps these
information can help your party if it wants to support Wikileaks.

1) Complete Wikileak mirrors hosted by Pirates and Pirate Parties

Yesterday evening several Pirates from Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and
Austria started to work on ideas how to create complete Wikileaks mirrors
and not just link to the current servers. They think that when the
authorities realize they can’t delete the domains, they will go after the
They created a mailinglist that you can join here:
https://pippin.bash.info/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/wikileaks-koord Some first
ideas have been collected here: http://wikileaks.piratenpad.de (ask on the
mailing list for access to the pads).
These Pirates are also trying to figure out what legal consequences a
complete mirror hosting can have in several jurisdictions. If you are
interested to help and know the legal situation in your country, you can
contact Thomas Gail at thomas.gaul@piraten-thueringen.de for for information,
on how to get on this team.
Some of the information is in German (as the people spontaneously decided to
work on this), but they assured us that they will work in English from now
on so that everyone can participate. A first telephone (mumble) conference
is set for Sunday evening 19:00h CET.
Mumble-Server: talk.piratenpartei.ch
Room: PPS Organisation
(you will need a mumble client from http://mumble.sourceforge.net/ )

2) Press release proposal / statement of support

Some Pirates wrote a statement of support for Wikileaks here:
http://openpad.me/m9av1kOVgs This message can be signed and published by
your Pirate Party. Add your Pirate Party to the list if you support
Wikileaks and you and other Pirate Parties can publish this message with the
list of supporters to show the international support.
The PPI translation task force was asked to translate the message and we
encourage everyone to participate and help to get even more translations.

3) Support actions already taken + instruction on how to create a mirror

In this Pad http://openpad.me/9uef9LAdOq Pirates summarized actions already
taken by Pirate Parties and wrote instructions on how to create a Wikileaks
mirror yourself.

We hope that some of these information helps those Parties that want to
support Wikileaks. If there are any questions feel free to contact the board
at board@pp-international.net.

Best regards,

the board of the PPI

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