I hit 10k reads (posted on three platforms) on my article about the three events you should visit in Bulgaria focused on Free and open-source software (FOSS). I decided to expand your knowledge with two more that I can recommend.

I know that 10k hits are nothing, but I am proud of the results for such a niche topic.

Here are my next two proposals:


Zagreb, Croatia
15-19 May, 2024

Let me start by introducing you to a great event that has been organized for over 30 years—yes, 30! The organizers are proud that this is Europe’s oldest conference on Gnu/Linux and free software.

It’s held in Zagreb, Croatia, and offers many ways to learn new stuff – Sessions, workshops, small mini-events on a particular topic, and many ways to network and meet people.

Why don’t you combine your thirst for knowledge with a trip to Zagreb where, apart from the food, drinks, and history, you will understand why there are chandeliers from a Las Vegas Casino in a Cathedral?

The team is running a 30% discount campaign for the next few days.


Brno, Czechia
13-15 June, 2024

When I started living in the Czech Republic, the people from Prague tried to convince me that the city of Brno was a hoax and that it didn’t exist. I am still not convinced, and I plan to go and visit the DevConf this year to change my mind :)

Apart from the obvious joke, the DevConf in Brno has been held almost every year since 2009. The topics might vary throughout the years, but the hero is always the open source. The primary sponsor is Redhat, and you might see more focus on technologies and principles related to the software company, but this is usually okay.

This year’s conference will last three days and include ten different themes, including the good ol’ AI.

Attendance is free of charge, and no registration is required. Visit Brno, ensure it’s real, meet many new people, and learn something new.

P.S. I am not associated with any of the events; I just want to support their enormous effort

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