This is a title of the ONLINE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT CITIZENS FORUM with Members of the European Parliament Tanja Fajon (S&D/SD), Slovenia participating from Multimedia Center Kibla, Maribor, Slovenia and Christian Engström (Greens-EFA/Pirate Party), Sweden participating from Sweden. It will happen on Friday, 12th November at 17.00.

We kindly invite you to participate through Online Citizens Forum Web Page. We also encourage you to send this information to everybody who might be interested.

The web page will support online participation through a video stream of the discussion taking place in Multimedia Center Kibla, Maribor ( while your direct participation will be supported through a special chat room in which the moderator will be taking questions prior to and during the discussion. The discussion will be moderated by Simon Delakorda from the Institute for Electronic Participation

• Free flow of information and services in the European Union and the protection of copyright and patent laws.
• The role of the European Union in ensuring the protection of all internet users.
• The future of information technologies and new forms of political participation with respect to the functioning and the role of the European Parliament in political life.

The event is organized by European Parliament Information Office for Slovenia, European Parliament Information Office for Sweden, Pro et Contra – Institute for Culture in Dialouge ( in cooperation with Multimedia Center Kibla.

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