After years of supporting Mozilla financially and spreading messages with my peers, I returned as an active contributor.

I defined a 4-week sprint for myself that started on November 22nd and finished on my birthday, December 22nd.

My goals were:

1: Contribute to the localization every day, including weekends.

Initially, it was hard for me to build a habit of using the little free time I had to contribute to the L1on instead of watching a short documentary or something funnier. After the third day, I nailed it. It helped that I added a reminder for myself in my work calendar and that my current employer supported me with this mission.

My contrubution

2: Ensure that Thunderbird is 100% localized in Bulgarian (it was around 67% at that mark)

Now it’s a 100%. I could also contribute with a few strings to the Turkish and Czech translations. The next step is to ensure that the translated content makes sense to the end consumer. That’s the goal of my next sprint.

Image description

3: Ensure that Firefox Focus for Android and IoS and the Facebook Container will also reach 100% localization.

It’s 100% now. I don’t know how many people use it in Bulgaria, but if they want to, it’s translated entirely. That was a concise task, thanks to the efforts of the other translators in the past. I translated the delta between January and November

4: Reconnect with the local and international community to contribute more to the project.

This is where I need to invest more. I was active in the past, traveling and talking about Mozilla at local and international events and actively building the Bulgarian and Balkan communities. After that, I gave up for reasons I don’t want to comment on now, partially because of my personality and ego. I’ve lost a lot of great friends and peers from Mozilla. I am trying to reconnect with them now.

5: Find another way to help Thunderbird apart from localization and donations.

I am now active in the Thunderbird support forum and validating bugs under Linux in Bugzilla for Beta and Daily versions. I would invest some time there as well into my next sprint.

Be creative, be brave, and contribute to the open source as you can with your time, knowledge, resources, or good intentions.

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