Since I have started my passion and work on open source and free software projects I wanted to be a valuable part of a great FOSS project.

I am now a Senior Engineer at Kolab. Kolab Groupware is the open source equivalent of Microsoft Exchange. Yes, Kolab is better :)

I will have the opportunity to work with Georg Greeve, Paul Adams and many other nice folks.

I will never write proprietary software :)

Kolab is a personal information management solution that allows you to organize yourself and others through email, contacts, calendar and tasks wherever you are. Unlike other groupware solutions, Kolab is designed along a “need to know” principle where each server only has the information relevant for a particular company, group or project. There is only one point where all your information comes together and shapes the complete picture – in your hands.

Of course I will always be the same hacktivist of Mozilla as ever :)

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