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Human. Artist. Hacker. I care about free and open-source software(F/LOSS), cybersecurity, ethical design, privacy, and technology. 20+ experience in technology. 40+ in being human. I encourage people to become better humans with heavy metal and technologies. I also promote technologies to be considerate of humans. Let's see how it goes!

FLOSS Events · August 8, 2023

Help me build my talk: Where did all the fun go?

I need your help. My talk, entitled “Where did all the fun go?” was accepted by the HalfStack Vienna team, and I will do it live on September 15th.

What is it about?

After three days at a metal festival (in Pilsen), I realized something sad. In the software world, we don’t have fun at work anymore. I am not talking about the HR-inspired fun; I am talking about the joy that comes from the inside. I want to change that and challenge you to bring back our fun.

Do you remember the chair rowing? Do you remember how amazed we were to crash a keyboard or two on each other backs? Do you remember us singing songs about Java while writing fake protocols? 

Recently, most of the world decided that IT is an elite profession that needs to produce only value no matter what. Why do we have feelings, emotions, and personalities if we no longer have fun?

How can you help me?

What kind of fun did you use to have in your teams before the HR-organized joy of playing volleyball and drinking beer from PHP-shaped mugs? Help me inspire more people.

Add it as a comment here or drop me a line or two on my e-mail bogomil aatt

Here are some of the examples I am going to present:

I will mention you during my talk if I include something from you.

Photo by Daniel K Cheung on Unsplash