We have a new community site. It is based on WordPress 3.0.1 and Budypress. What are the features:

1. We have community. Anyone can:
– register;
– share information to the website activity wall;
– write to his/her own blog;
– join groups by topic (SUMO, Thunderbird, Firefox, L10n, Development and others);
– join and create events;
– read the information from other members;
– use the usable control panel to manage an account and to connect with other mozillians.

2. We have a cute and simple design:

3. We are ready to extend with web 2.0 services like twitter and other (no Facebook sorry);
4. The platform (WordPress and Budypress) is very easy to install and run a community website. If you want we can help you to create a Mozilla community website. We will do it together, just send us a note (and a beer).

The champagne will be open on your next community meeting. We have some improvements in our roadmap.

Help needed

We are searching for a good SUMO forum for our community. Any suggestions?

It will be very cool if we have a global Mozilla network, not only hundreds of community sites. Something like a profile in a server with OpenID or Oauth support. I would like to use our website like an interface to this service only and to be able to connect with a lot of mozillians, not only registered in my country.

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