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Mozilla · July 1, 2010

CaCert assurance party @ MozSummit 2010

What is Cacert? is a community-driven certificate authority that issues free public key certificates to the public. CAcert has nearly 150,000 verified users and has issued over 548,000 certificates as of January 2010

These certificates can be used to sign and encrypt email, authenticate and authorize users connecting to websites and secure data transmission over the Internet. Any application that supports the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) can make use of certificates signed by CAcert, as can any application that uses X.509 certificates, e.g. for encryption or code signing and document signatures.


To create higher-trust certificates, users can participate in a web of trust system whereby users physically meet and verify each other’s identities. CAcert maintains the number of assurance points for each account. Assurance points can be gained through various means, primarily by having one’s identity physically verified by users classified as “Assurers”.


If you want to join this web of trust, bring your passport and one more id, join the website, print THIS form and come and let’s Rock.

Mozilla and Cacert

What’s up with Mozilla and Cacert? See this bug in Bugzilla.