One of our favorite short hiking walks (3-4h) near Prague starts from a small village called Třebsín .

The route.

Stop the car* by the pub – usually, there are around 20 car spots. Then follow the green route towards “ Závist u Třebsína .”

You might see most of the people going to another direction, but I recommend you not to follow them. The reason I’ll explain later.

So, find the green path and walk a bit up-hill for 0.5 kilometers. You will pass this magnificent view.

After a while, the road will end, and you will start walking into a fantastic forest. Keep walking for another 2.5 kilometers. Make sure you read all the signs along the path to learn more about the area. In the end, you will find the next stop called ” Medník .

A view from the forest

Then continue to the green path to “Na Stezce.”

The green path :)

At some point, you will feel the 15 min downhill experience, which was the main reason not to take the trace the other way around as most of the people did :) I saved you! :)

When you reach “Na Stezce”, change the color and start following the “red” path towards “Pod Třebšínem

You will pass lots of bungalows and friendly-looking people and a lovely pub, which is closed due to the COVID lockdown. Then you will see some beautiful views from Sazava River like the one that we took with our cameras. Just follow the road and be kind to nature and to the people you meet.

Here you can sit and observe the nature
A nice view from the route

When you reach “Pod Trebsinem” retake the green path for another kilometer to go back to Třebsín .

Don’t forget to stop by here and read more about the name of the village. It’s a pretty exciting story, but since my Czech is very limited, I liked the way they presented it more :)

A story about the village,

* I use my car to drive somewhere and to discover routes that start and finish at the same spot.

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