Top 3 Useless Applications on Product Hunt – Batch One

I used to write more about the useful apps on Product Hunt or in my universe, but after talking to a couple of investors about the tendencies in the “modern” startup world, we all agreed that the percentage of useless apps is growing.

Another reason is that everybody is writing about and sharing all kinds of useful apps and I wanted to do something different. So behold, I give you this week’s useless app by Bogo index <- That’s copyrighted

  1. Wooof
  2. Snapjet
  3. First Tweet

A note: I really wanted to add a nice comment under each one of the contestants, but the only comment that came to my mind is “WTF?!?”, so I will leave it like this, but if you disagree, you are welcome to prove me wrong.

Disclaimer: I need to add this here. I don’t want to underestimate the effort in creating these apps. I also don’t mean to offend anybody, but come on guys, try a little harder to use your potential better! I am sure that some investors still can invest millions of dollars in useless products like it’s happened so many times before.






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