6 thoughts on “What is your Internet looks like?

  1. 1. I cannot get that postergrandeen.jpg image to display any lower than, say, the waist of the “kiddie” at top left.

    2.1. In every unregulated medium there will be, among others, pornography and violence. This is a statement of fact, not a plead towards regulation.
    2.2. Some parents will always want their children to be kept “innocent” and in particular, away from pornography, violence, or (depending on the parents) both.
    2.3. In view of 2.1 and 2.2, should the ISPs and browser makers humour the parents and let them regulate what their “fair-haired kiddies” can (not may) view (or, probably worse, censor what _anyone_ can view), or should puritan parents refrain from getting access to the Internet (and, considering their mindset, “diabolize” it)? In neither case will it be open to “all”. I’m in favour of the second option but puritanism has never appealed to me.
    2.4. Of course, what non-permissive parents rarely realize is that however strict the constraints, children will find a way around them, and then feel guilt in pleasure, thus growing up, in their turn, to become parents for whom “any pleasure is a sin” (calling it, usually, by the names of the Seven Deadly Sins of christianism).

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