The Privacy Fox project is alive.

The project shall form a working group to create a common platform for sharing of information concerning our digital rights and personal space in the Internet.

The point is the users to be informed of their digital rights, of what is happening with them in different countries, how the users can protect them from violation and to have answers to different questions.

On the other hand, the website must create a community around itself, which community should share information, help developing the idea and participate together with different NGOs in the process of law-making and other legislative changes in different countries, so the Internet could stay in a way that could help the Open Web.

Privacy Fox Logo

Milestone 0
Until 12.04.2010 we have to collect ALL NGOs working in digital rights area, advocacy groups and lawyers structured by country and continent. Please help us!

How to help?
1. Join project;
2. And/Or join our wiki here: and fill the information.
If you need any help with wiki or with anything else, please feel free to contact me immediately.

Follow us
You can follow our twitter account @privacyfox

Never heard of it? See more here.

2 thoughts on “Mozilla Drumbeat project – Privacy Fox

  1. Hey Gerv,
    I like the animal :L) Indeed another title is in my mind, because there is a Privacy Fox project already.

  2. Hi Bogo,

    The goals seem rather wider than just privacy, and it doesn’t seem particularly linked to Firefox – so why is the project called Privacy Fox? :-)


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