Fedora 17 on Raspberry Pi: Mission Possible

Just after Christmas my Raspberry Pi has arrived in a tiny-tiny box :)

Fedorize it!

How to install Fedora on it? Easy? Since I don’t have SD card writer, shame on me I used my wife’s Windows machine build-in writer, but for good. Unfortunately all Fedora instructions are for Windows 7 and Vista, but here’s how to do that in Windows XP:

  1. Download this GNU-licensed program:  Win32DiskImager.
  2. Download Fedora 17 PI disk image from  here
  3. Burn it on your SD card
  4. Plug it in your Raspberry Pi and turn it on








6 responses to “Fedora 17 on Raspberry Pi: Mission Possible”

  1. Keiran "Affix" Smith Avatar

    You could have also used dd for windows


    1. Bogomil Shopov Avatar
      Bogomil Shopov

      Thanks :)

  2. Frank Avatar

    Cool, How fast/slow is it?

    1. Bogomil Shopov Avatar
      Bogomil Shopov

      Very slow under Fedora, but it may need some optimization – this is my next tasks and I found some bugs as well, so it will be a challenge :)

  3. Manuel Marques Avatar

    Nice looking RPi case! Where did you get it? :)

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