I want to change how the education works, but I need your help.

I am leading an initiative to be launched soon for changing the education methods arround the world. I need a little help from you.

We need press-partners from every country in the World and in every US and Canada and Australia state. We are looking for very powerful, but modern medias – only one per country/state.

Can you comment here if you know media in your country/state that is really awesome and powerful and want to help us. (Mainly spreading the word and distributing our donation to a school throughout the country/state)?

I just need the website if you don’t have more detailed information.

You can send me an email to shopov.bogomil@gmail.com as well.

Deadline – August 28, 2012.

PLEASE share this with your peers!

Thank you!


  1. In terms of credibility and technology embracement, El Comercio is the most relevant newspaper in Peru, part of El Comercio Group with several web properties: elcomercio.pe

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