SUMO: make people grow through the community.

It is not a secret anymore. I applied for a SUMO community manager position at Mozilla Corp, but I didn’t get it, as I expected:)

I will share here some ideas and a project plan I prepare for my interviews. It’s a strategy for making SUMO team a community.


Here you can see more about me and my vision on SUMO’s objective, goals, success criteria, implementation plan, etc.

(Flash movie is embedded. If you don’t want to watch it, you can download the ODP from here.)

35 point project plan

I invest a lot of time to understand the community and to create a basic plan for community development. Here it is (.html) (as a project overview). Feel free to use it and to comment it. I’ll be more than happy if someone can execute it.


It was my pleasure to meet and talk with Stas, David, Seth, Tristan, Pascal and William





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