I have downloaded a free version of Comodo IDE, called Comodo Edit. It’s fucking good IDE for HTML5, PHP, JS and [put your own language here].

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So far so good. I gave my email address to them, because I like the product and the team. After 12 seconds I receive this “help material”.

They don’t want to provide me help how to get started, but to sell me the pro-edition:

I understand that approach, but please first give me what I need – links and materials to help me to understand “Comodo EDIT” better and 1 month after that send me an offer for the better IDE.


1 thought on “Wrong marketing approach from Comodo and ActiveState.

  1. Hi Bogomil,

    We appreciate your feedback. While we certainly want users to experience the full benefits of the IDE, it is not our intent to annoy you or limit your access to help resources for Edit.

    We will review the email and take your comments into consideration. If you have additional comments or questions, feel free to email us at customerservice@activestate.com.

    – Mike

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