I am thinking how to improve SUMO project and how to get more members into the community using this website:

The entry point

First of all, we MUST have our start page localized in all world languages. This is not a big deal, because I think, the start page should look like this:


Why? Because this is the user’s entry point to the Mozilla SUMO project.
How? No more than 100 strings for localization. Cool !

Meet and greet

Why not greet people on their own language when joining the SUMO website. If I am from Germany or other German speaking country or community (or even if I am using a German localization) or I am entering this website from Germany, based on my location (shared), why don’t I see the German website instead of English one :


Missing in action

So, we are having users on SUMO website, but we still don’t have the KB translated.

Let’s ask them for help and point them to “How to contribute” information:


Coming next: SUMO: Improving the user experience

3 thoughts on “More ideas about the SUMO website: The Entry point

  1. Hi Noah,
    But is a good step to find them. Isn’t it? There a lot of decentralized support communities, and we can use their experience also. Let’s think how to get them in, and I think we can help them back.

  2. Even if you localize the website more, you still don’t have people from the corresponding countries providing support. Which makes a bad user experience in the forums.

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