Why Mozilla sucks – part 2

I start to read all comments about Firefox, Thunderbird and other Mozilla projects for my talk at FOSDEM. (or for any other Mozilla event, if it will be not approved.)

There are very valuable facts and ideas in there:

1. Why Mozilla sucks? at my blog.
2. Why Mozilla sucks? at LinkedIn
3. An unknown twitter account.

If you have your own version, please read my blog post and then post your comment.







2 responses to “Why Mozilla sucks – part 2”

  1. Pavel Cvrček (JasnaPaka) Avatar

    I didn’t read all ideas. Here is a few ideas/facts from me:
    * Unrealistic roadmaps. Can you remember when something was released in time? I cannot.
    * Bad communication with press. Many “bad” news in press are based on personal blogposts. I don’t think that press know what is official and what not. Maybe some people should think before write something.
    * Not so strong local communities. This is hard to describe but I don’t think that many local communities are active. “Make translations” is not what I mean. I mean to have local website, inform about project, propagate project etc. How many active local communities have we?

    Pavel Cvrček, Mozilla.cz

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