I decided to transform my passion and experience into two new workshops you can take – one for Threat Modeling and one for Soft Skills and Heavy Metal music.

I gave numerous talk about such topics to references in Europe and the feedback I got from the attendees was positive and slowly encouraging me to take the step to create this training for you!

Visual Threat Modeling

Threat modeling for software products is a process of analyzing system representations to highlight concerns about security, privacy, and ethics characteristics.

There are many ways to do that these days, including automated tools and approaches such as Thread Modeling “as code.”

Using a tool before knowing the basics and doing a few threat models manually could create an insecure product because you count on something else to do the work without knowing the specifics.

My workshop aims to explain the basics, starting from how we are wired as humans, how we act and react to threats, and how you could apply this to the software threat modeling process.

Me(n)tal Health: Learn and improve your soft skills with heavy metal.

In the age of AI, the value of our soft skills has never been more crucial. As humans, we’ve always had emotions, even before we could articulate them. Yet, in the digital era, we’ve often neglected them in favor of code and screens.

  • To be successful in what we do, we need our soft skills.
  • We need our soft skills to be sane and have a balanced life.
  • To be humans and grow as such, we need our soft skills.

I help you find those skills and emotions buried in you with the help of some heavy metal music.