Behold! The Drumbeat event in Bulgaria.

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The first ever Drumbeat event in Bulgaria will be held during the prestigious P2P Conference in April.

I will try to talk about “What is Web” in front of students, artists, politicians, IT professionals, teachers and business owners.

The main idea is to clarify what Web means to all groups present. Is it the space where you publish some files for your clients or is something more. Is it all about sharing or it is some place to meet new friends?

After the speech we will make a large group workshop for creating idea how to make the web better. The group with the best idea will receive a prize – a journey, immediate after the workshop.

P2P Conference
I am organizing this event since 2004. This years speakers will be Michael Widenius, Patrick Finch, Robert Nyman, Jeremmie Zimmermann, me and other good guys and girls.

I will share more details and ideas soon.

Celebrating 5 years of Firefox in Bulgaria

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Finally I have time to write here some more about all the events that took place during Firefox’s 5^th anniversary.

Thanks to Mozilla Europe we had a very delicious cake with a unique design. Here it is:
Firefox 5 - Sofia

Besides the cake, as you can see we had cookies, many kinds of sweets, balloons, whistles and of course some merchandise:

Firefox 5 - Sofia

Firefox 5 - Sofia

After the cake-part we had 2 special sessions with talks and demonstrations and a game: “Who creates the Bulgarian web?”.
Here you can see some more pictures:

Firefox 5 - Sofia

Firefox 5 - Sofia

Firefox 5 - Sofia

Firefox 5 - Sofia

You can see more moments in this video, created by the OpenFest crew:

OpenFest 2009 from Yovko Lambrev on Vimeo.

There were celebrations in other Bulgarian towns too. In Ruse, even a television station was so curios what were those people doing there: