I am Wikileak’ed

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A friend of mine just show me a info about my efforts to establish Pirate Party in Bulgaria published on Wikileaks:

(SBU) A Bulgarian Green Party leader and two other Bulgarian
activists have started a petition to establish a Bulgarian “Pirate
Party” which advocates for free downloading of copyrighted materials
among other things. Under Bulgarian law, 5,000 signatures are
required for a political party to be formally established. Given
the fact that Bulgaria’s Green Party has generally attracted less
than one percent of the vote in national and EU elections, it is
unlikely that the fledgling Pirate Party would surpass the four
percent voting threshold needed to win a seat in Parliament.
Nonetheless, if this new party begins to win support from the
general public, IPR enforcement and legislation could face political
obstacles in Parliament in the future.

P.S Bulgarian Green Party leader == me :)

Get number of likes of your/any Facebook page via PHP

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If you want to use somewhere the number of people who likes your fan page, here’s the way to do that:

Create a new basic application from here. Just enter some data and you will receive AppID and Secret keys.

Download the PHP library to work with Facebook API.

git clone https://github.com/facebook/php-sdk.git


$facebook = new Facebook(array(
	'appId' => '000000000', // put appID here - see Create section
	'secret' => '0000c000c000c000c', //put your secret key here - see Create section
$zt = $facebook->api('/ZeroTurnaround'); // my Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/ZeroTurnaround
echo $zt['likes'];


Is Google Chrome next IE

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I was trying to find an application to use Google Docs offline.

I don’t like to use 3th party services for my documents and I want the control to be in my hands, but the company I work for uses GDocs for some of the projects.

So, I am browsing to find a way to do that and I found it, but … surprise! it’s working ONLY on Google Chrome and Only after installing an application.

Wtf? (no it’s not where is the food :))

Is the next step to use Chrome when I browse on Google.com or when I access the Internet?

Is Google  becoming the next Microsoft-like “I want it all” company.? Of course!

The good news is there is always an alternative to closed web companies – Mozilla.

Mozilla, Softpedia and addons

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I just received an email :

Mozilla Balkans info widget, one of your products, has been added to
Softpedia’s database of software programs for the Windows operating system.
It is featured with a description text, screenshots, download links and
technical details on this page:

The description text was created by our editors, using sources such as text
from your product’s homepage, information from its help system, the PAD
file (if available) and the editor’s own opinions on the program itself.

“Mozilla Balkans info widget” has been tested in the Softpedia labs using
several industry-leading security solutions and found to be completely
clean of adware/spyware components. We are impressed with the quality of
your product and encourage you to keep these high standards in the future.

Where is the problem?
Is there any deal between Mozilla and Softpedia for sharing untested addons? I don’t think so. The reason developers and users are using AMO website is the security and I definitely don’t want as a developer my addon to be somewhere else and as user I want to be sure that AMO and Mozilla are taking care about boring stuff like … security.

Webm and public services

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Today I tried to upload a funny video from Fosdem to Youtube and to be able to embed it into my webpage as a webm movie (The conversion from mp4 to webm was quick via ffmpeg under fedora. I like it!) , but it fails. IT always offers me their buggy Flash interface. On other websites I am getting message like this:

The file extension is not allowed. Please choose a video file.

Yeah, right !
I will have to find a video hosting service and will use my own