Growth Hacking Online Session


20th of May, 2015 at 16:00 CET. Online!

We will use Google Hangout for the streaming and Q/A module for discussion. (if you know a better software, please let me know)

Price: FREE :) Register from here to book your spot.

Quick Overview

A growth hacker is a rare combination: someone with the right marketing and technical skills who can come up with clever marketing hacks and also track their results. You will learn why growth hacking is crucial for your business, especially if you are a startuper.


^^ A moment from my Sofia workshop. ~200 people attended. Some of them standing up. More pictures here.

Topics include:

  • What is this animal – a growth hacker? Where do they keep it?
  • How to keep them on your website. Freemium model, Content model, more.
  • How to activate them. We don’t need death souls  :)
  • How to retain them – keep them happy, and then they can keep using you or recommend you
  • Behavioral Economics from the Marketing Point of View. How to track what your users are doing and how to look for behavioral patterns.
  • Testing, Testing and what else…oh yes, testing.


  1. How to optimize your e-mail marketing channel to get 300% CTR growth;
  2. The JSblocks example with more details;
  3. What is NPS and how to use it;
  4. What tools you can use to be a better Growth Hacker (as of May 2015);
  5. Mix Content and Channels for Lead Generation.

I am not gonna talk about “Hotmail story, Quora story nor airBNB story, because they are useless for your startup”

Is it for you?

This workshop is ideal for Start-up Founders, Marketers and for anyone who builds (SAAS) digital products, regardless of their previous experience. 


  • The workshop will be in English. Why in English? Because we will show you how to build and manage an international community. Think global!
  • An open mind
  • Be ready to discuss and share your experience.

About Bogomil Shopov

Bogomil Shopov helps companies to empower users to do great things with the software they develop. He is good at Marketing, Viral Growth, Onboarding, Landing Page Optimization, Analysis, Behavioral Economics, UX and even Politics.

Combining all of these with his programming ethics and knowledge, his exceptional organizational skills, his desire to make the client happy and his business analysis skills makes him a good professional which any company can trust.




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