Free Social Media Reports for Your Company / Brand

If your company is working in Czech Republic you are entitled for a FREE and VALUABLE Social Media Report.

[note]What will be included into your FREE Report?[/note]


[featurearea title=”Sentiment” icon=”pages”]

What social media users think about your product/brand. Are they happy or angry and why.




[featurearea title=”Statistics” icon=”settings”]

Valuable statistics on your social media activity for the last couple of months.




[featurearea title=”Engagement” icon=”check”] Community Engagement Report based on your public information.



[featurearea title=”Ideas and Tools” icon=”check”] What tools you can use to monitor your social activity, How to engage your community, How to setup and track a campaign via different social channels and more resources like this. All for FREE [/featurearea]


Who Am I?


Bogomil Shopov

My name is Bogomil Shopov – Bohouš.

I am digital marketing person living and working in Prague. I have many clients such as Nokia, Mozilla, ZeroTurnaround, Glogster, Glogster EDU,  Kolab, ITjobs, WebGate, Netinfo and many more.

I would like to help your business to be more visible online.

Feel Free to visit my Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to learn more about me:

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